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We are part of Florida’s three-tier system, which guarantees a high-quality product to the consumer, free of corruption and scandal. 


The three tiers in the system are:

  • Manufacturers: The manufacturers brew the products.

  • Distributors: The distributors consolidate and streamline delivery services for dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of retailers. Distributors transport the product from point A (manufacturers) to point B (retailers) through safe and cost-efficient methods.

  • Retailers: At the retailers, consumers purchase products.

Without the three-tier system, each manufacturer will be forced to invest in its own means for storage, logistics and delivery.

If the system were eliminated, the industry would be at risk of the corruption and scandal that dominated this business before the current framework was implemented.

The industry members are licensed and regulated by the state of Florida, under the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 

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