Public Policy

Beer Industry of Florida, Inc. provides leadership which enhances the industry of the independent malt beverage distributor; advocates before¬†government and the public on behalf of its members; encourages the responsible consumption of beer; and provides programs and services that will enhance members’ efficiency and effectiveness.

While BIF primarily represents the beer distributors of Florida, we support each of the 3-tiers – brewers, distributors and retailers. We have joined together with these partners to promote issues such as responsible consumption and the preservation of the three-tier system before Florida’s elected and appointed officials. In this spirit, many of the brewers and retailers with interest in the Florida market choose to become Associate Members of BIF, making them eligible to attend BIF’s annual conventions and legislative meetings.

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Florida Franchise Law

Florida’s Franchise Law protects distributors and franchise owners who make large investments in facilities, staff and equipment in order to provide outstanding services to suppliers and consumers. The Beer Industry of Florida believes that preservation of Florida’s Franchise Law is critical to the continued functioning of the Three-Tier System. F.S. 563.022 states that

(a) Regulation of business relations between beer distributors and manufacturers is necessary and appropriate in the public interest.

(b) This section is enacted pursuant to authorityof the state under provisions of the Twenty-First Amendment of the United States Constitution to promote the public’s interest in fair, efficient, and competitive distribution of malt beverage products by regulation and encouragement of manufacturers and distributors to conduct their business relations toward these ends by:

  1. Assuring that the beer distributor is free to manage its business enterprise, including the distributor’s right to independently establish its selling prices;
  2. Assuring the manufacturer and the public of service from a distributor who will devote reasonable efforts and resources to sales and distribution of the manufacturer’s products, which distributor has been granted the right to sell and distribute and to maintain a satisfactory sales level; and
  3. Establishing and maintaining an orderly system of distribution of beer to the public.

The primary function of the Law is to prevent arbitrary and unfair acts and practices which are harmful to the Three-Tier System.